Lugia V1

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun-to-look-at lugia n-art nonplayable pokenart rated
Created 2008-08-21
Last Modified 2008-08-21
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description Counterpart N-art to This [] I used that as a template.

RCE! Not as much color as I would have thought. :D

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Shes beutiful...

Another 5/5

Quite good

I like it :D

Very kewl

love this n-art.




Is there a reason you comment negatively on my maps without giving me any possible way to improve?


ZB said it was ok, I gave him full credit, and some parts of this are from imagination also. You say it like I completely stole the level.


to be creative and plagerize.
the effect that the drones and switches create with the eyes is pretty good. it creates a "masked" effect. it looks nice. i've never (seen? read? watched?) pokemon, though, so that may or may not be a desirable effect.

I like it so far.

I'd like to see how the finished product will come out.


i was just looking at your info. what's with all the author links? also does the brackets mean that linking to mine wouldn't work?...
that's probably why my username wouldn't work when numa was redone...

Guess so

I can't debate because of the amount of lag that came with yoshi. :D


you should have used thwumps, it gives a nicer feel, and less of a tile texture.

I thought

the lines were done well, good job. 4/5
Kill the tiles in one go like sidke pointed out.
The wings seem slightly out of proportion (its left should be longer, but it could just be me)

I like how you changed the eyepiece so that it's smooth like normal Lugia's instead of jagged like Shadow's.


Disregarding the visible tiles that are still present, this edit of Lugia is much more pleasant on the eyes than the PokeSet version. Though, considering it a colored re-make of the original... I'd be only speculating on appeal, more than I would sight. Very artistic with the blue attributes, Riobe.

You could...

change every character before the "|" to a "0" (zero) to remove all the tiles.

Cool nonetheless.


I couldn't see them. The color is tough to get right. Plus, it just froze on me, so I can't edit it, which is pissing me off to no end.

I just noticed

Some of the tiles are still there. Was that intended?


Although, you kind of restrained yourself by sticking to the tileset.