Eats Shoots and Leaves

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Author BlckNWhteNnja
Tags author:blcknwhtennja collab playable southpawz survival two-sided unrated
Created 2008-08-22
Last Modified 2008-08-22
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Description PANDA!!!

Pawz and Me Collab style.

Survival....of the Pandas.

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... :/ bit too hard on the right side. good though.
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If I have developed a style, then shoot me. I'm still to this day tinkering with different tilesets and objects. There is no way this could feel to me. I made a panda, and southpaw and me collabed on it.


i mean

it felt too blacknwhiteninja to be any good/

but, but

i survived forever
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I had no part in this and I'm sad. southpaw is an amazing author.