Who Needs Teleporters?

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Author uber5001
Tags author:uber5001 conceptual experimental nreality playable unrated
Created 2008-08-24
Last Modified 2008-08-24
Map Data

Description This ninja doesn't.
*NReality Required*
Just submitting an idea. Go put it to better use!

-Resub. The other map... wasn't mine. I Didn't realize it until just now.

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Cool Start.

Have no clue on how to get the switch though.
NCD. 5/5
Demo Data


Feel free.
"Go put it to better use!"

Can I use this?

I'll modify it slightly to make the changes different.

Nice mod

The map wasn't that fun, but the idea was excellent.

good map

i liked how the ninja stopped in mid-jump

Or rather,

Faved, because ratings are disabled.
Runes [] by player_03 and several other maps used a similar concept, but they used one-ways to stop the movement of the ninja. This is the first map I've seen where the ninja just stopped in mid-air after a fixed distance.
That little difference made this map great in some way I can't really explain, but it makes you think differently when trying to beat the map.
i didnt know about the 10 per day thing sorry

and i dont know how to test play other than posting it to the website first

and i think for my first day the pinball one is actually pretty good...and i spent 10 minutes on it
im too smart to spend 30 minutes on a map