The Odd One Out

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Author BlckNWhteNnja
Tags action author:blcknwhtennja fast-paced hard playable unrated
Created 2008-08-24
Last Modified 2008-08-24
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description "Mommy, Mommy, Why does he look so bad." "Oh honey, don't look at him, he is hideous, just run away, run away!"

Get to the exit switch quick, or death will be upon you in raining bullets.

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dont like

it doesnt just go together, its too random. one part all flowy, then launchpads, stopped, tiles going in the wrong direction...i dunno


I like them that way. I think it looks more speedy. :D

BNWN is right

although in retrospect, the launchpads were a bit much.
1 or 2 would have been good, or just some oneways.

Not at all

Blackson, I believe there is a good balance for the completion person and for the all-golder. This is a half and half version. It would only take about 1800 frames for a good person to all gold it. Since the flow is unique it helps dodge the mines that are set up.
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much stuff.