Gravity-Simulating Bubbles

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Author uber5001
Tags action author:uber5001 conceptual nreality playable puzzleish rated
Created 2008-08-25
Last Modified 2008-08-25
by 15 people.
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Description This is as close as I can get to editing the ninja in-game.
*NReality Required*
RCE, and put this concept to better use!

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I looked this up as a reference for gravity-modifying triggers and realized that it was cheatable.
Demo Data

"Remember, the enemy's gate is down.
...wait, that was something else.
Whatever. 4/5 "

were you reading ender's game?

also, great concept"

In a folded position, you are less likely to get frozen due to your legs acting as a shield. At a distance, spinning can offset the laser, making you invulnerable. Bean is the coolest name ever. Bonzo is a fat retard. 4/5.
Use AI path to replace gravity, set jumpgrav to negative to overcome AI, and use switches to toggle AI path.

how did you do this??


were you reading ender's game?

also, great concept


Someones finally made a map using large bubbles instead of those horrible generic small ones. For that alone I give it a 4. The rest is a nice bonus :P



phenomenal concept

...wait, that was something else.
Whatever. 4/5


fun! Nice concept!

4.5 rounded up


A 1/5?

I can't imagine why...