Scotch Street 15

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Author 4ever97
Tags author:4ever97 fun playable unrated
Created 2008-08-29
Last Modified 2008-08-29
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Map Data

Description My first map.


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My replay

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow and not agd ...
Demo Data
Gold placemnet not good
Tileset is crappy
There should be more enemies
Too barren


I agree with stoneysmile, really boring to look at but again 2/5 cos your a beginner.

Not bad

for a first, but its nothing special either. Its rather boring to look at don't you think? Try creating a nice themed tile set, then add some objects in to make a level, but keep it simple. Since this is your first.. 2/5. Oh, and welcome. Stay ah while wont you.