Floor Guardian (Floor Guard Upgrade)

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Author Unreality
Tags author:unreality floorguard nreality rated update
Created 2008-08-30
Last Modified 2008-08-30
by 30 people.
Map Data

Description Restart NReality (a mod of N, download @ to retrieve this new update of Floor Guard upgrade



Floor Guard : 4^x,y,1^0
Ceiling Guard : 4^x,y,1^1
Left Wall Guard : 4^x,y,1^2
Right Wall Guard : 4^x,y,1^3

alwaysChase: default 0, set it to 1 if you want it able to always chase the ninja

Examples in this map:
floor guard:
ceiling guard

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you are an amazing coder


tis wonderful


I really played it in NReality...


any way, there can be a code of like fat n?


can you?
i wanna know it

i think

he talks about controlling two ninjas on the same comp. But it is hard to code


at that map completed in normal n only :D


I'm actually not playing that map in normal N, caus those bounce blocks were moving.
And yeah, that means I played it in Nreality.

Just one question, what made you think I played this in normal mode? Caus I didn't use the turning bounce blocks? Well, this way was just faster

can you really

cool can you tell me how?

oh, ok

nvm then... : P


but hard and time consuming to code :)


having them both do the same thing


just wondering,
is there a way of putting two ninjas in one map and being able to control them both?...
cos u could make some rly cool maps like that...


I've got the Nreality thing now and it's working perfectly
thanks to you:)

Is it a mod?
Well I cant see it


your vision has been fulfilled
having it so that mods work even if you are NOT connected to the internet.

Also, Revolsion:

You put this:
You should put:
Put a comma between the property and the number, not a semicolon.
Your computer probably needs more memory.
By the way, Unreality, we haven't had an update in ages. What's happening?


The ninja in Revolsion's avatar is screwed! Hey, Unreality. How come, when I try to use NReality, it slows my computer down a lot? It's for this reason I can't use it.

make more!

I need more nreality in my life! I love your work!

did you leave?

I like the updates ):
i cant seem to get anything to work, ai pathing, triggering and the codiing: |||||normGrav;300000; and so on.. help me!


for updating it! :D

Great work.

I'd like to see some more mods on the things that don't have mods at the moment, like gold.

Also, I updated the Nreality Mods [] for N at Wikia.
(for dda makers) if rockets were on top of bounceblocks and thwumps etc. So many close calls are lost because the view is blocked.

agd-2 completion

very amazing
Demo Data
then i saw what the floor/ceiling guards did, and i said to myself 'you're amazing

This stuff is cool

lol i love mods and stuff but i cant do them =(
i can do some just not really good ones like AI pathing.
Demo Data


nice new mod


That`s petty hard.

I don`t know if this mod is very usefull in a "normal" map, but this will be showing in some days =)

My Speedrun not very good but it`s okay..
Demo Data


that's real cool. Great mod, 4/5


it's okay :P


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I accidentally only voted it a 4... FORGIVE ME!!!!
Love it and it should've been 5.
Demo Data


I like updates like these. It's like a fundamental :o