Inside Big Ben

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Author Dead_N
Tags author:dead_n dda non-playable nreality rated test-like
Created 2008-08-30
Last Modified 2008-08-30
by 23 people.
Map Data

Description -=Requires nReality=-Press '1'=-
DDAs are dead! Help revive them! Don't let Unreality's awesome mods seduce you!

I want to try something different, I think this is the first DDA that has an nReality enemy. I know it's not that impressive but this DDA is sort of a test/experimental map. I want to see if other people believe in mixing nReality enemies with DDAs. This DDA could have been stretched to another 1000 frames quite easily but I decided to first let people judge this one. Are the close calls with the rotational drones satisfying?

Also, I want people to give me suggestions on using nReality drones effectively with DDAs, and I'll try to make them.

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5/5 awesome

triggers, tile drones and pathed mines and stuff would be cool for a dda

ddas look fun

maybe I'll try and make one






By the way,

don't forget about rocky drone propulsion.

Very nice - one of the best NReality DDAs I've seen.


but an Nreality DDA I would like to see is using unrealities mod which turns the one ways and that would change the flow to make it longer. but It was good, there arn't as many DDA's now than there where before. 4/5

Top of the line!!

5aved ALL THE WAY!!
Alarm drones would be beast in a DDA...


The roating drons are very cool in this DDA. !

Top 4.5 ~ 5/5

4 / 5

first DDA i see in a long time and he first i see in nreality: good one


This is a great DDA
My only qualm is that it could be a little faster.


not bad i like the use of the ration laser drone.

Quite nice


I think it is

a great idea =) Do not let silly ideas about ngame being about simplicity limit you =) Although i think that modded enemies have been used in DDAs i have not seen any with rotating lasers =) About the close calls i would not know hence i am struggling with finding out how close a close call is =) Good luck


I already thought about the force field propulsion, I might use them in my next DDA.

Pretty Neat

Forcefield drones could be good for propulsion.

Rockets could be made super fast, but not turning.

Alarm drones might work well.