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Author calamity7
Tags action author:calamity7 playable rated
Created 2008-08-30
Last Modified 2008-08-30
by 9 people.
Map Data

Description Phlow. Phun.
I like the flow.

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if your dick looks like that you need to go to a doctor. This isn't phallic looking at all. Its actually rather fun.



Would have been much better had i not fucked up towards the end part..

gud map btw..
Demo Data

It's pretty...

and exellent phlow to boot!


Speed completion

I didnt like the gold, too... scattered. Other then that this map is great.
Demo Data


Prettty addicting map. Like the pathway of the chaingun. Maybe another well placed mine in the gold area that has only one mine. That part was really easy
Demo Data

the tileset

was the best part. gold placement was nice too. phour/5
oh well, 4/5 I just didn't like a few mines, but still good

Good fun

4aved. Chaingun was very good, didn't ruin anything for me.