Sensual Silence

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Author RadiumFalcon
Tags 50th action author:radiumfalcon featured mine-jumper mines playable rated
Created 2008-08-30
Last Modified 2008-10-21
by 59 people.
Map Data

Description 50th map. Spent a shitload of time on this. Inspired by Losttortuga.

Maybe one of my best maps?

This map was featured on 2008-09-28

This map is a twist on the average action map, with very polished flow and aesthetics, you should spend a good 10 minutes on this.

Not only is it one of my favorite maps, I was unfair on RF aswell, originally reviewing this, and taking it off because I was annoyed with mintnut.

Seriously, its not RF's fault, this is definitely a brilliant map, one that I enjoyed playing.

Have a good'un. — godenAtor

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Write a new one, for old time's sake.

This, this exquisitely crafted masterpiece, is a work of art by anybody's standards. The finely chiselled tiles blended with the enticing placement of objects bring together a highly prestigious and enjoyable atmosphere.

But it's still shite.
and cool, how'd ya do?


I hated that second to last jump with the one-way
Demo Data


on 50th rate
5aved and saved
I do really like this map. I like that it seems to get slightly more difficult all the way through until the end. Good flow, I only wish I had time to make a demo.


5/5 and faved


i accidentally reported one of you comments. soz
Radium, good map.


would I snipe a map that I have reviewed?

I am befuddled, this southpark is really really stupid


Stop talking about me...

Before you regret it

radiumfalcon o i admire you. you seem to be a very sly person. one who looks into the more meticulous details.
but i think you rather enjoy me sniping forever on this site as godenator.......

you are very wise radiumfalcon

you have figured out that me and my accounts have been sniping all night

and i knew nothing about godenator until you all starting accusing him.

you guys seemed like you really hated him..... muahahahaha


a good map, but too easy...
Demo Data

it's a bit

outside of rf's ordinary style. that's not a complaint, however; this offers quite exquisite gameplay, with refreshingly unique jumps and a carefully cultivated atmosphere. a perfect blend of gameplay and tileset mastery.

having said that, 4/5.

blah, almost AGD

died at the end, I should have looked ahead better.
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totally great. Deserved a feature.




by rubbish I meant for a featured map :P

This is still a great map by normal standards <_<


pretty rubbish map imo. nothing against radium falcon.

Just felt clunky playing and the map didn't seem to having any intuitiveness about it

very fun

I really don't like the style though. 4.5
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Cool map.

A bit frustrating at first, but after you get the feel of it, it gets you on your toes.

Slow completion, 4.
Demo Data

I love

that rocket.

i always like

godenAtor's reviews. i don't know what it is about them. it's just like i like mintnut's and gloomp's reviews - their diction is so idiosyncratic, so nuanced, it just rings and resonates in my ears.

You got it spudz.

The map is heavily influenced by that.
deleting comments, laying down the law on godenator...
fun stuff. ratings are dead right now, but i think i rated this a few weeks ago anyway. 5/5 though.

*i love tiffs
Reminds me of this.

Anyway, not my favorite map.
You might wanna take a look at this []

Still cool

This is a very well made map.


She's bringing some home. Get your silverware.

Still diggin this. =)


The situation alone is hilarious, but not the fact that a reviewer almost got disabled, and Radium only suffered from it.

My mom's going to a party. If she brings home some cake, I'll be sure to give you all a slice.
but I was at SCHOOL, so I didn't have time, and when I got back, I had HOMEWORK.

ive re-reviewed it anyway.

And yes, it was to spite mintnut, not RF.


not stuuf


was a shame indeed, it's featureworthy.
(But what happened, I can't follow, due to all the deleted stuuf, Perhaps a synopsis of the events?;])

My first feature.

Was robbed.

What a shame.

Review Deleted.

If one of you guys want to write something proper for this, feel free.

goldenator: anymore messing with the system and I'll revoke your reviewer status. I won't warn you again.