00-3 I Need A Miracle

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Author AMomentLikeThis
Tags action author:amomentlikethis playable unrated v1.4
Created 2008-08-30
Last Modified 2008-08-30
Rating 3 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description It's getting late,
It all just wanes and pales and fades away,
If we just want it too much.
And what a shame,
If all there is is all thats gone away,
There's nothing left here for us.

The Birthday Massacre - Holiday.

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good jumper here!!

I will try make another good jumper...;) 5/5

Faster AGD

Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data


Here's my NReality demo.
Demo Data


What an interesting jump.

lovely demo

how the hell did I manage to do that..
Demo Data

please post a demo

i no im not that great at playing maps and stuff but i just cant get past the beginning for the AGD