Turning on a Dime

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Author uber5001
Tags author:uber5001 conceptual nreality playable puzzleish sonic unrated
Created 2008-08-31
Last Modified 2008-08-31
Map Data

Description *NReality Required*
Yet another concept. This maps just an example of what it can do.
Reminds me a lot of sonic.. Y'know, the charge attack. But sonic can't turn around this fast. Or go this fast, for that matter.

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that's fucking awsome.


at first i was like... wtf this is stupid >:0. but now i get it hehe
For those of you who cant seem to do it.
Simply let go of the directional keys while running.
Demo Data

Someone tell me

Can someone tell me how to get passed it? Just post a comment on one of my maps telling me please.

Just take one step

Just one. You'll see.


do you get past them?

How do you get past the doors?

never mind

I got it

I dont get it

how do you get through the first part?


After you get out from behing the door theres a big strait after the oneways if u stnad in the middle of it and let the guy do that thing .. u shoot of the screen its funnt


That cool. I didn`t got it but I like it.


At first I thought you forgot to reset, but then I figured out what to do.

Great concept. I'm sure somebody will be able to make a good map with it.

(I'll post a demo once I get it.)