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Author Riobe
Tags abstract author:riobe easy fun playable race rated
Created 2008-08-31
Last Modified 2008-08-31
by 9 people.
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Description I usually don't have two maps on the hot maps page, but here it goes.

I worked hard on this. Although it looks horrible, it plays well. Abstract flow. Enjoy!

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The organization here is crazy. How do you even go about doing it?


dont like the flow that much, too laggy with drones for me to play properly
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Ok, cool.

Thanks for the help though. =)
by tonight. i promise.


Yeah...I wanted to give the whole race a nerving feeling. :P
is that it's slightly laggy from all the zap drones.

Very fun,

I like the flow.
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I sometimes click on a link, and it shows a comment posted 2 seconds ago. But whats weird is this has happened twice in two days, when it never happened since the NUMA redesign. O_o


i like the flow, but the tileset, man, is flipping hot sauce plus pajammas. it's a giraffe minus the radar. it's a motion picture of a farting elephant on Saturn.

ok, maybe i was exaggerating a bit. 4/5, as (always) usual.

I like it a lot...

I just don't like from when you get the switch in the top right to the end...

4.5 up
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too many drones!

you've made way better. NR

Flow demo

Quite easy, once you get used to it.
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