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Author player_03
Tags author:player_03 nreality objectmod unrated usable
Created 2008-09-02
Last Modified 2008-09-02
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Description Some of you may have seen this before, though I don't think anyone's done it quite this cleanly.

Try it, and feel free to make it into a level if you like it.

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AAAAAAAhh i hate rocket grenades
Demo Data


Demo Data
for it to stay on the dots.


You can call them the new mines :D
i went up the top and the rockets started flying across the roof and blowing up and comeing back and blowing up and coming back for ages it looked so cool but the demo stuffs up and i just die ANNOYING

Agree with Venerax.

That is pretty cool. Don't think i'll make a map out of it though, i'm not good with NReality codes.

Wow, thats's cool.

I love the idea of it, though the initial setting off can be clumsy if you try to go left or right.

I'll try make something of it later.