Pacmans Revenge

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Author Guitar_Hero_Matt
Tags action author:guitar_hero_matt dronemod dronepath nreality rated
Created 2008-09-03
Last Modified 2008-09-03
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description DONT PLAY without nreality its impossible for an agd. This is my submission for the TNCC Round 5, and the mods are basically Rocky Drones with 2.5 times their normal speed. Have fun, get an agd or ur a pussy :P

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Great concept, cool look, fun map. If only it were bigger...


not very fun.

very choppy gameplay however a solid concept. Though the map didnt work well together.
solid 3


7 seconds faster, punk :P
Also Gods_Reaper, youre supposed to end at the exit in an agd :P

agd - 1115 / 148.125

(omg, I still beat Gods_Reaper after reaching the exit :D)
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didnt like it

sorry NR
Dont put the link unless its to help the author. I will always look out for your maps anyways because you are a good mapmaker, although not the best(something I respect).

Oh Yeah

First Try AGD!!!!(though slow as hell)
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It was slower


i think.
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Thanks for listening.

I like this alot.

i this is a nice map.
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Oh yeah I beat splint :P
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Drone paths are, as ever, brilliant. Good luck with the competition!

agd - 1396 / 141.100
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It's a pretty sweet level. I like the drones speed:)
without Nreality
Now I'm going to play with Nreality..