Rise to Power

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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk playable rated
Created 2005-09-16
by 10 people.
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Description You have to have pretty good reflexes and timing for this, but it should be fairly easy. I really like the way you get up to the second platform, so try for the gold if you can.

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Hey guys

Why so seriouslow?
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Fastest AGD

fun and hard
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jesus clux, how the hell d'you do that?

that was hard

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I was referring to the average rating, not you personally Jiggerjaw.

That's crazy...

This map doesn't deserve 4.5 ninjas. I'm glad you like it, but it just doesn't.

nice! 4.5/5

speed run
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i cant beat it

i cant beat it uhh.....


I just barely make it.
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