Mercedes Laundromat

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Author sTalkR
Tags author:stalkr ffd open rated rocket
Created 2008-09-05
Last Modified 2008-09-05
by 6 people.
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Description open. medium difficulty. good for highscoring.
thumbnail sucks, play it anyway.

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with crescor about the switches, but then it can't really be helped...
4.5 up

fast AGD

i dare you to beat it.
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Great gameplay


It's fun.


I found a fast route for getting the switches but I keep messing up when I get the last one, or the exit switch :(
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i'd line them up neatly you could get em in one jump. ugly=challenging


are placed very ugly

yeah, well....

i keep telling people to ignore the thumbnails of my maps. never works. thats probably why i have 5 rated maps out of like 40 although my maps are not bad.
...Another one of those noob maps.

But once I played it everything changed.
The completion is fun and the AGD is nothing less then awesome. 4aved.

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