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Author tktktk
Tags action author:tktktk bitesized featured playable rated
Created 2005-09-17
by 36 people.
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Description Simple but really fun. It is possible to all-gold in four goes without taking the two pieces from below, so try for that for an extra challenge. Oh, and careful not to die from the height.

This map was featured on 2008-07-10

There may be other more obvious choices when considering a tktktk feature, but 'Sift' remains one of the prime examples of how to do minimalism with perfect style. Easy to complete at your own pace, speed AGD adds a quiet & smooth intensity that remains one of the most slyly sublime experiences on NUMA.

If NUMA had a Turner Prize style awards section, this would certainly be nominated: as an old map it's bound to cause that kind of controversy but then it's actually quite good so it probably wouldn't win. — astheoceansblue

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Demo Data


different route, agd-3 or 4 I think
Demo Data

no gold speed.

OCD kicking in.
Demo Data


agd too hard. 4.
Demo Data
fun quirky little simple oldie.


Using mam's agd-1 route.
Demo Data


Trying curve jump technique, can't get any lower than 830ish. Got an agd-1 sub 800, but was too eager to keep trying to save.

I can't stop playing this..

Getting there

sub-900 agd 4path.
Demo Data

agd four paths

but slow.

I love this map.
Demo Data

Fastest AGD

But not as fast overall as agd-1 route...
Demo Data

All but one gold :)

fun pathfinding
I'll try tktktk's route now...
Demo Data

All but one gold :)

fun pathfinding
I'll try tktktk's route now...
Demo Data


I don't really have something to comment on. 4


fun, not too hard, had trouble getting one of the pieces though.. 4/5
Demo Data

Old Maps...Again

ah well, its still good
Very fun map, very stylish too. AGD is a very fun challenge.

Old map!


Such a great map.

5aved. Been way to long since I last played this.


Yep, faster. And that cookie belongs to me.
Demo Data
How about a good old-fashioned chocolate chip?


speed demo
Demo Data


Gets himself a cookie =D (not oatmill cookie
Demo Data


lil slower =(
Demo Data


it was so simple. i was confused about 1 gold piece. nice one tktktk


Is a four-run all gold. Now who can do it faster?
Demo Data

what the heck!?

none of my demos work. w/e. i cant do it anyway. i give up on it. just dont bother with my demos.


Try again, that demo has five runs.


cant get all gold. and the last demo didnt work either
Demo Data


my demo didnt work. i wonder if that happens alot. well here is a new one. i cant get all gold in 4 try's though, i did it in 5
Demo Data

all gold

Demo Data


and in only four runs!

All gold

Brilliant level.
Demo Data


1 frame faster. all gold is hard, i got all but 1


Demo Data

Speed Demo

Surely to be beaten. Nifty map, ingenious design.
Demo Data