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Author formica
Tags author:formica incomplete rated
Created 2005-09-17
Last Modified 2005-09-17
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description I'm thinking about redo-ing this map... I like the tileset quite a bit, but not so much the object placement.

Oh well.

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pretty nice map :)
it made me say "i'll beat it at next try" at every try :D
and i did it B) :P
Demo Data

(!) Actually,

I might change this to incomplete. If you- or anybody- can do a better job on this than me, it'd really be appreciated.

I agree entirely.

I can't quite get this as... well, as I feel it should be played, to work. It's annoying... Don't worry, I know this isn't my best work.

I'm trying to improve it...
I do think it's fun dancing around with those rockets... it just seems a little generic for you, like you didn't really put much effort in. The jumppads seem awkward and the gold/mine sections feel like thoughtless padding.

I definitely think it could be improved upon.