kack-kack-kac-k- acka

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Author incluye
Tags action author:incluye hack jack mack pack rated
Created 2008-09-08
Last Modified 2008-09-08
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description For a JackPack map pack.

*hack hack*

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The rockets and laser were really great, and the tiles were a little less than average, but were fun to manuever through. 4.3^


A really nice map here. I love the rockets and how the laser drone can only get you in one spot. The map's layout had a nice flow to it too. 5aved.

kack-kack-kack-k acka
oh yeah


I loved it, the rockets and the drone had you moving and the bottom section, while seemingly messy, was perfect.
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OK map.
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tiles, which play well. and i like how the lazer drone wasn't over used. just enough to keep you moving.


I love it. Maybe because I suggested things?

Anyway, 5/5