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Author Riobe
Tags action author:riobe beatable easy-medium fun playable rated
Created 2008-09-08
Last Modified 2008-09-08
by 8 people.
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Description Pretty fun rocket dodger. I want to see some nice flowy demos. Enjoy!

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I can beat it now! Five months!
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I didn't pull out

HA I beat Izzy on my second go with the Nreality demos
I'm pulling out
5/5 faved

Very nice

I cant do it, but its cool. 4.


i wasnt able to find a decent flow in this map. either thats my fault or there isnt any^^. also too much gold for my liking. 3 i guess.
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Beat Izzy by 3 frames.
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First AGD

4/5, it was... enjoyable.
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Check your inbox on the forum, or if you have already, at least make some indication that you have...


Doors were a little lame.

Average gameplay.



That top rocket get's me every time. Death demo
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