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GHM got it right

he nailed down exactly why its good, but made it seem TOO good, so now it doesn't live up to our expectations and is worse



i didn't realize the comment i made on the map before was so similar.


You've already said that. As much as you love your opinion, saying it once is enough.

this review makes the map almost seem better than it is, i really dislike this map.. honestly.. it just sucks

perfect review

probably the best one i've ever read. and an excellent choice.


You know what I mean.


maps really bad

i mean its tedious and more indicative of excessively practicing certain small areas and jumps, rather than intuitively reacting to game play.
The map is laid out so that the level would be really easy without extreme moments of difficulty, but these extreme moments of difficulty only detract from how fun/playable the level is. I think you should scratch all the items on the level and redo it from the start with a different motive in mind and see what you get


Jealous of my review Yoda is :)

Thanks, guys!

I adjudge complexity with the utmost of affection, and this is definitely the pinnacle of what I was attempting to create. I think I was conscious of making a monster of a map, but never expected this amount of nearly unanimous praise. It's extremely gratifying, thank you.

Oh, and, keep it coming.


I disagree with some of the floorguard placement, but that's relatively insignificant.

Have a 5.
The gameplay was nothing fantastic but Guitar Hero Matt put his finger on it with his comment about curiosity leading one onward.

─░nsane man.

Yeah mapis very very insanely imposiblly hard for ME but check out the demos i don't know how u doing it man...

Nice review.

Nice map, of course.

The thumbnail?

I like that thumbnail, Rambo... A lot.

In any case, it really dazzles me how you managed to make this so long and yet keep it interesting and original all the way through, especially with such a semi-repetitive tileset. No matter how long and hard this plays, I can't get enough.


opon looking at

the thumbnail i said "oh man gtm what have you done...." then i played it and this was a great map, the way the slanted lines felt straight and the straight lines felt crooked, the enemy and gold placement.....this map was a beuty

Nice choice matt

Great choice


Even my previous objection doesnt really hold, once you get into the atmosphere of the map. Congrats, this map really deserves it.

Revolutionary map

Absolutely loved this to bits. Enemy placement was great, TS was superbly constructed, gameplay was great. Guess what my objection is. A map a third of the size would have been absolutely remarkable, even more so. 5aved for future reference.

All gold demo.

As promised.

I have to award five ninjas. Your hyper-complex style is amazing.
Demo Data


simply for the exploratory aspect of it. There was an excess of gold I think, which made the game lag slightly (not enough to make it annoying in any way though), but the enemies were placed so well and the gold was not only fun but challenging to get at times.

Haven't completed it but I love jumping around in it.
that the N canvas needs to be bigger. Then I see this

holy shit


Amazing, that's all!!
( too long)
Sort of in a sense that it plays well, but mostly the fact that it's just so damned full and complex. I think this is still a bit too much.

jumping the gun there, geti.
but the laser drone sequences were some of the best N i've played in a month or so.
4/5 cuz of length.

I hate you

its a map thats so easy, but because of its length, it isn't so easy.
Demo Data
but amazing nonetheless. 4aved.
Demo Data


the only thing better than sex...

is sex on ice. oh gawsh. what will they think of next? first sex, now sex on ice...hmm...a pattern there...
i agree about the outside of the map, it looks nice.

half gold demo

wow, this map makes the N canvas seem so much bigger...
Demo Data

its just too much

i would have given it a 2 honestly, but i'm not going to.. the only thing i like about this map is the tileset :/ sorry, but you've done tons better

sex on ice

It feels like a hedge maze or something.
its awesome, and long and has extra annoyingly mined goodness :)
5/5 best puzzle in a while.

Insanely good

Although a bit too long for my tastes. Still. 4aved