I Am Your Father

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Author Sweep
Tags action author:sweep playable rated
Created 2005-09-17
Last Modified 2005-09-17
by 18 people.
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Description You see, it turns out, in a cruel, entirely original* twist, that although the rocket is N's mortal enemy, N is it's Father.

And what does a good Father do? Guide his child through life. All you have to do in this map is to guide the rocket into one of the 5 walls of mines. Do this by traversing the corners of the map via teleporters, attracting the rocket to wherever you are and therefore guiding it through the map. If the rocket dies, or reaches some mines and then dies (that's a "win" though) then simply return to the bottom left "station" and you'll set it off again.

Anyone who provides a demo with 5 consecutive rockets hitting the 5 different rocket walls gets a dedication map. I would be _extremely_ impressed if this was managed. Anyway, enjoy it. Don't try to do it all at once, it can be confusing at first. I suggest the top left wall as a good target for beginners.

Thanks to Lucidium for helping this idea come to life.


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I found a glitch (or whatever you ppl call it) in this lvl. I think. N just keeps teleporting at the top of the lvl. Well, he should be. Look at the demo. But, it might not work, seeing as it sometimes changes.

Oh, and Sweep, what's that curved thingy at the top supposed to be? looks like a toucan's beak.
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Man, that made me chuckle.


Oh Sweep . . .

The one

at the bottom.
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If the title refers to Star Wars, I very strongly recommend that you watch Thumb Wars (a parody, of course).

nice level

and concept, but it was difficult to remember how to move the ninja. I would give it a 3/5, but it has a plot line AND a penis in it, so 5/5


where did my comment go..?
well i see the shlong remains

A good map.

But the penis disturbed my performance on this map a bit...



Well observed.

Now just play the map.
Probably the hardest one to hit
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It takes me a few tries.
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I know what you mean, unfortunately there's no easy way round it.


And slightly awkward. Awesome concept though. The main problem is that I couldn't rememeber how to move the ninja to get where I wanted. I had to keep looking at him and away from the rocket.

Here's a quick demo

Just to demonstrate how it works. It shows the rocket getting to the top left mine wall.
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