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Author tktktk
Tags author:tktktk bitesized playable puzzle rated
Created 2005-09-17
by 54 people.
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Description This is a nice fun jump puzzler, and not too difficult either. Again, go for the gold. Gold is your friend.

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far out

5 years later and i completely go back on what I said... I can't even remember if I was being sarcastic or not :S

fastest demo

creamed nevermore :-D
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Jiggerjaw12358 was talking about, sorry mate. 2/5 I didn't like it. But i'm not going to actually rate it cos you gave me a good comment a while back and I remember and respect u 4 dat. Good luck 4 da future man.

Speed demo

No gold whatsoever.
Demo Data

All gold

My computers really laggy at the moment so its not nearly as fast as I think I could make it but never mind.
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Favourited. Here's an all-gold that's faster than nevermore's. I didn't even know his existed until I finished it :/
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Great map

Truly deservent of a 5. 3 gold demo!
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Not all gold but completion.
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The crazy miner

will come back...let me tell you why:
I'm not ratin this down, I LOVED IT, 5/5, but, some dumbass'l come along and you will be rated down, it's the way of the world, and yeah - it sucks...but for now, enjoy your lofty perch at #1!


Thanks so much guys, I really wasn't expecting this.


This is as far as I can get atm...

Great map, man.

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i was the first to rate it a 5!

good map

5/5. the people have spoken!


Kinda ironic how there's this, a 5/5 map, and right above it is a 0/5 map. Makes me laugh. Anyway, yeah 5/5. I like levels like this. It's like that other one that looks like giant lowercase 'b's I forget the name.


Awesome map. All gold demo. Strangely enough, I never got frustrated.
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This is top map on Numa right now!!! I better rate it down fast!!!

Just kidding, awesome map, I won't rate it till someone else rates it 4.5/5


My favourite map.

Cool :O

Preety good, but a bit hard to get all the way up on the first few circles :/

Oh, yeah, I forgot.

5 and fav'd.

very fun

may many more 5's follow this one.

Speed demo

Some gold, but I didn't get all of it.
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I shall have to give this some tries.