The Growth of Trees 01-4

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Author Lightning55
Tags action author:lightning55 playable rated utopian
Created 2008-09-12
Last Modified 2008-09-13
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description RCE.

Edited and changed some things. Looks more aesthetically pleasing (imo of course). Gameplay is a little bit better. Please continue to RCE. RCE this map and then I can RCE one of your maps (if specifically, then specify).

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and Ive gotten the switch and out before. Put those two demos together and you have the completion.

I am not gonna

run around gathering all that gold xD That is not my cup of tea . . I think you should put some switches in between all the "trees" . . The mysterious enemies in top left did not make me lag though =) It was okay difficulty though =) Until I came to getting the exit switch . . That seems impossible to me : o
that is truly ebil.


(ChaoStar thinks?) um yeah i liked the gameplay; but the gausses are SOOO ebil. 5/5

;_; so mean

"But why all the random enemies? :| "

-cuz its makes the map pertier. Yeah, after Chaostar mentions it, it kinda looks like seashells on a beach. Btw, chaostar, your avvy looks cute.

does it

remind eganic ofa beach?
because that's what it reminds ChaoStar of.
(ChaoStar thinks talking in 3rd person fun!)

the top left...

i dont know whether it's a good touch, or it adds to the lag...

Its alrite

But kinda boring at parts. Nice concept tho. But why all the random enemies? :|


but you could have been a little more tactful, by deleting the first gauss


only 3 gausses, but the best locations I could choose.
its supposed to be a little challenge. I thought of putting only 3 gausses but then it was too easy =/ see my dilemma?


stop talking in 3rd person

its creepy

anyway about the map.

I didn't really like it, the flow was choppy and the gausses were overdone, also the tileset was ugly


the thumbnail

reminded eganic of something, but he doesnt know what.
might've overdone it on the guasses, but eganic likes the idea. 3/5