Crazy Eight

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe easy-medium flow fun playable race rated
Created 2008-09-13
Last Modified 2008-09-13
by 9 people.
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Description Ha, I can't remember the last time I made two races in a row. I hope it lasts. Enjoy!

Special thanks to yungerkid for helping me with the Eight different themes I had. =)

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A rich, rich race.

Flowed nicely and was really quite enjoyable to play. 5aved


Well, its pretty great. Yeah

But there was something that annoyed me about this map.. the 8 tiles maybe?

Oh. I get it..

lol 5
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Tileset is great

seems original


That I will do!
i agree about the 283 tiles. i was about to suggest that they be removed :/. the lasers did not misfire for me. i'm really bad at the game, and you're really good at the game, so maybe the average player has difficulties with it. just a hypothesis. two races in a row? ;) make it three!


much better than I can make. I can't make good tiles for race maps. This is a pretty good one, and the flow was relatively easy to find. Nice one! 4/5
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the lasers misfired constantly for me. and it feels like this race lacked quality, at least compared to the last one you made.
also, you desperately ned to stop using the 3, 8, 2 flow. it looks messy and it feels messy.

Weird indeed

That never happened to me in Ned. And it still hasn't. Either you're going too fast, or too slow, hopefully the lather. Keep trying and see what happens.


The lasers constantly misfire on me. Here is an example... this was a really good demo too. Am I doing something wrong?
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That was my favorite part. =)


although the tileset near the top looked slightly awkward...

it would be a 4.5, but I cant.


The top launchpad was extremely unreliable, but other than that, it was good
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i wish i could make maps like these

first try

o_0 whoops...
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Check out if confused. Also on NReality.
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