Ninja Essentials

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe easy enjoyable fun playable race rated
Created 2008-09-13
Last Modified 2008-09-13
by 8 people.
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Description *Another* race. I'm on a roll, so I don't want to stop while I'm ahead. Enjoy!

Slight edit for you speedsters.

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Not your best

but the flow was mostly great

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although I usually get confused on the first try :S
Otherwise it's a very neat race, and I think it's about the same length as your last one. 4/5
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i thought it had very nice flow
the top part with the mines was tricky and the one ways up there could be altered because i kept on missing them. maybe its because im not very good but either way.
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a race in three hours...nice!

I know

5 maps by different authors got posted at around the same time. =/
the part with the guass was disgusting. The entire porformance was centered around that, which is BAD. 3.5 up

ooh yes,

landscape is a good word for it.


Should have said landscape type tiles. =)

i thought

that it was very innovative; i loved it. rocky style, eh? i don't see much of that here. i do like your rocky style though ;)

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I liked

that too. If I can get a good beginning, I can get a good flow in the rest of the race.
I hope you keep churning them out :)
I like the enemy placement in this one, especially the laser at the very end (although in this demo it shot a bit early)

I also liked in the beginning how you land perfectly on the 1-block! that was cool
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the flow

was hardly innovative, to me it was very boring and uninspired. "up and down and up and down", was what went through my head when playing this. but im glad you are taking advice. I liked it way better than the last one. so 4/5.


I was using my normal rocky style with less rockiness, although it turned out da_man-ing again. >_<


well yes

i know that; i just was trying to say that it pretty much *is* a da_man map, as far as the tiles go. flow was actually different from his style, now that i played it, but the thumbnail...


is great. innovative and smooth flow, nice atmosphere, i just loved it. ooohh...i want to give this a 5. but i only give 5's to extremely stellar maps. i guess i'll give it a 4, but i think it deserves a 4.75 (which somehow doesn't round up).

you dang well *are* on a roll. keep it up! you're ahead now! ;)

But it



you forgot to mention that this was a collab with da_man in the description.