802: Hadron Collider

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue featured sunshinescience unrated
Created 2008-09-13
Last Modified 2009-01-08
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Description You ain't nothing but a blackhole, baby.


A feature? Woah, cool! The perfect place for some shameless plugging! Check out my art thread [] and feedback if you can. Thanks x

This map was featured on 2009-01-08

Hadron Collider is an excellent map in its own right. The enemies have a stylish and supremely efficient set-up, which complements the nature of the tileset (looking stunning with its progressive theming) and produces a compelling atmosphere.

However, that’s not the only reason why I find this map feature worthy. Quite simply, when looking back on this map, I’ve found it embodies to road I’ve taken with my own mapmaking to nigh-on perfection. So, here’s to a map (and an author) that’s been a genuine inspiration to me, which is certainly something which should be celebrated.

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Oh i missed you

perfect map. <<3
Amazing... I haven't noticed you before :o You have some really good maps!


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5aved. Superb lower rocket. Awesome tileset. Amazing gold placement...except that gold near the floorgaurd, seems a tad out of place.


Nice coincidence there. :)


It wasn't a reference.

Everyone: ty.


only 3 frames faster
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Agreed with turtles

4.5^ if I could rate

I like it

I do not like, however, the gold above the floor guard. It seems out of the loop, per se.

A very fun map, nonetheless


I'm WAY too high to be playing N. I call this demo "The Dance of the Drunken Master".

...I'm also probably way too high to be writing comments :P
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so like

hadron collider


hardon collider



This is one of the few maps I have ever played were I have been completely stunned.

N at its best
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i would have AGDed but the door got in the way XD
ingenious, but the 2/6 tiles with rockets don't knormally feel very good.+

Also, lol

I love how you referenced my shameless image thread plug in my feature... :P


someone flagged this as being abusive. How funny.


The road is your canvas...
tastes like them too!
To fuel my own maps, not that my maps are inherently this good or vice versa. If there was any confusion.

Also, I definitely agree about the mine-carpet. Looks cool.
If it is it's an acheivement.

Fantastic map, well feature worthy.
The rockets were fantastically placed and had an annoying tendancy to follow you really well.
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but i literally cannot beat it. annoys me.

faved earlier.


Not very hard but it has a flow...
Why did you disabled ratings?
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It's hard

I can't avoid the rocket...
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Oh, thanks GTM :)

A pleasant surprise, and the first feature of mine I fully agree with. And I appreciate what was said in the review, I found it to be a massive compliment.


On a more controversial note: this being featured reminded me of an edit I wanted to make. Per Hoozy's advice, I installed a carpet of mines under the double two tiles.

Much more satisfying now.

I disagree.

Lord_day. Ha! take that!

Death Demo

but Seriosly i think this rocked dodge is cool
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But rather complimentary. So don't be an ass.
I want to feature a map! I want to bring it back to me because I have too big an ego!
but i do really like this map, specially the bottom left

Faster AGD

Jackass, I don't think sub-1000 is possible. Maybe 1100, but even that is hard.
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Pretty fast AGD

No. 0 on Nreality so far
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Fastsh AGD

I Reckon A Perfect Demo Could Sub 1000
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Slowish AGD ....
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