Super Unison

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Author Yahoozy
Tags action author:yahoozy featured playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-09-13
Last Modified 2008-09-13
by 61 people.
Map Data

Description Super fast and hard.

This map was featured on 2008-11-03

If you dislike getting launched head on into mines, this map is not for you. If you dislike maps where you get really good at one specific task, this map is also not for you. However, Yahoozy's Super Unison is surprisingly fun and original (furiginal? maybe?) and my one piece of advice is - even if this map isn't for you, it really is for you. Because here at nmaps - Super fast and hard is the way we like it. — Evil_Bob

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Faster AGD

Demo Data


Demo Data



good map tho 4

the dude with

the gun is back!

ps yungerkid extra attention was not needed for that map
and it just can't do it. bleh.

I am a stupid hoe

Who never logs of & loves Chad and yahoozy and gives them both 5s and hugs.

apparently so. apparently so.

maps too strenuous

and requires too much perfect timing towards the end. i dont think maps should require perfect timing unless they're speed/agd runs

but it is a puzzle...idk....great ideas still


That was actually really fun. AGD Demo ftw.
Demo Data

Wow, awesome map

"Super fast and hard is the way we like it." I'm just gonna quote that. ^^


Not the best but my first completion anyway.
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Cool concept.
Demo Data

... 41 people and 5/5 thats pretty crazy...idk what to say i didnt like it that much...

eganic -

you're kind of obnoxious and stereotypical.




Holy guacamole

it's so intense

i couldn't handle the intensity of this damn thing. it just steamrolled me

great concept

OVER 9000!!!!!!/5 :)


Super fast and hard is the way we like it.

That's what /she/ said!

oh yea

and the review was kindof obnoxious and stereotypical. Super fast and hard is not the way i like it.





i already RCE'd this.

a 5 from me, but if i rated it today i'd probably say 4.5up its not very manageable and too tricky for my liking, but the concept was just one big face-palm. in a good way.

good feature

...wonder of wonders...




can beat this. too hard!

Far from the best

The drones could've been timed better, (be rushed to get gold, not having to wait) Concept was OK, but nothing brilliant IMO

Top Right Gold was more awkward than it had to be. Still a good map...


wrong demo.

I was like, "that's too fast."
Demo Data
sub-1000 is beaten! see my profile if the demo doesn't work.

the level is brilliant. it is hard per se, it's just testing. 5aved.
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hey meta.. ur friendly competition is back :D
oh and 5/5 on level it was great
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Broken again?



*sees 5/5 by 25 people*
Oh joy, another overrated map
*plays map*
Wow, this map is actually a good map. For once something is deserving of 5/5



didn't realize the que was broken again. really sorry people. That's what i get for not coming here for a while.


i like this map!


I was about to feature this exact same map.

The concept is great, and everything is placed fairly well. I still give it a five.


deserves the feature. This was really innovative and cool, I thought :D
*Dies inside*
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One of your best recent maps. Hugely addicting. 5aved
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I can't say how many exclamation marks deserve to be at the end of that "Awesome!!!!," but it's more than four and there's a small chance that it's less than infinity. I love this map; everything about it is Awesome!!!!, and I give it a shfifty-five out of five. And oh yeah, I got an AGD .
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Very stylish

Great map. 5


the demo.
Demo Data