9x9 Wonderland

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Author Lightning55
Tags author:lightning55 dda nonplayable short unrated
Created 2008-09-14
Last Modified 2008-09-14
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Map Data

Description godenAtor was complaining about how hard this was. I messed up half way through and ridden myself around 8-9 close calls just because I deleted a rocket. Then I had to use a lot more jumppads but I think the beginning is still pretty good. Its a bit short though but I still would like to hear your opinion

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i will rate

when make a map outta my avatar, you do.


waaaaaaaaaay better than my nooby attempts at ddas.

No rating

you have given.


make a half-decent dda, i could not.
owned, i have been.


but Im too lazy =P
"Save often" xD I am sorry you deleted the rocket . .
Maybe you should have just started over ..
Anyways i have no idea of whether small DDAs are hard to make, so i will give it 3.5
at the beginning. Many rockets close calls were eliminated once I accidentally deleted a rockets and had to put it back in.


Im so sick of mini ddas it isnt funny. 4.