Part 2:Establish

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun medium playable race rated rrs
Created 2008-09-14
Last Modified 2008-09-14
by 12 people.
Map Data

Description One of *the* greatest tilesets I've ever made. Ever. The flow isn't half bad either. Enjoy!

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profound, da_man,


good 4/5 faved. i don't think i've ever faved one of your maps before.


made it uncheatable.

great flow and enemies. 5aved.
Demo Data

Finished the

3rd race that is. :/


I'll keep that in mind for the 4th race. I already (pretty much) finished it.

its not about

flow anymore, its about the cleverness of the path, the use of enemies, the aesthetics. making a map with good flow is easy.

Quick question

Which one of my maps had the best flow?


this is not your best race, but its nice. 4/5
Demo Data

This is cool

The gold placement looks awesome, as do the tiles, and the flown is nice and abstract. 4.




this is awesome, will you tell me what you think of my maps?!! 4/5

good tiles,

descent flow. 4/5


felt kind of awkward, but maybe that's just me
awesome otherwise 4/5


At least someone saw it. =/

the flow

is pretty dang good too. i love the variety. 4/5...:/

i agree

about the tileset. playing now.