Bad Rhythm, Good Beat

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Author calamity7
Tags action author:calamity7 playable unrated
Created 2008-09-14
Last Modified 2008-09-14
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Description Walk a mile in someone else's shoes--that way you get a free pair of shoes! AWSOME!

Not my best, nor favorite, but I like it. Go for the gold for a real challenge. RCE, BFF's

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you came back... friggin epic.
And your race was in it ^^

Thanks, man

Good to hear from ya, sticking around this time?


Man, you're like a ghost. You should check out my second newest race. In reality it's my newest, as explained on the architect whatnot - many people have called it my best-ever, so it should give you an indication to how much i've improved ^^. The racepack is more-or-less finished too ^^. Riobe and yungerkid stayed with it to the end, so it's pretty cool. How've ya been?


not again :(

come back :(

again :(
is our crs project still going?
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bit further, WILL get an agd
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got pinned
Demo Data


i wonder where your influence came from ;)

i liked most of it

but the open air feeling kinda left me... unsatisfied.