Part 3:Path Planning

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe easy fun playable race rated rrs
Created 2008-09-14
Last Modified 2008-09-14
by 9 people.
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Description OMG, another race! But sadly, I'm off to do homework, so enjoy!

EDIT:Special thanks to yungerkid for playtesting. =)

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I'm going to playtest the hell out of my next one.

third chaingun

gets me every time

not as good.

I keep dying.
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The races of mine that you look at start off the same. I try to change it up, but I get to used to it. My fault.

I like tiles a lot!

I don't love the chainguns in the bottom as they killed me a lot :( also, It seems your races all kinda start the same? I just realized that some of your races have had very similar starting paths.

I liked all the flow especially how the left side worked well up and down. and the end jump to the door was cool

Here's a bad agd :(
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How come this isn't on the hot maps page?
The flow, tileset, and enemies were good, too.
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with the chaingun firing from below. I died around 30 times there and I give up. Fun, though 4. Might have been a 5 if I ever get around to beating it.


I thought this was gonna shoot off of the hot maps page. =)


I love this.