Fortune Teller's Ridicule

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Author Jiggerjaw
Tags action author:jiggerjaw playable rated
Created 2008-09-16
Last Modified 2008-09-16
by 8 people.
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Description A little action map for your enjoyment.

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Great map.

This is possibly the coolest cheat I've ever done in a map. Not my best AGD though, but still an accomplishment.
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Plays like a vastly improved version of one of my old maps. I really appreciate the thought that's gone into this. 5aved.

This is great.



nice job.
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It is not a puzzle.

This is an action map. The locked door switches are optional, and they increase mobility around the top.


My route was a hell to find and a hell to do. I still LOVE this action map. It looks great and it IS great. Good job.

This demo kicks ass :D
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or a really cheatable one. 3 or 5, so 4.
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