003: are we there yet?

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue inoex sunshinescience unrated
Created 2008-09-16
Last Modified 2010-03-30
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Description 003 from my new levelpack: SUNSHINEscience []

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can you give me your opinion?
I'll delist if you agree

I personally don't think so. I have downloaded your pack and all but its been awhile and didn't play 'em all...I honestly don't remember, but if you think its a ripoff then I'll respect that




actually finished it lol


bro. lol


I love this. The atmosphere is great. =)


I can't submit levels anymore.
It keeps saying the web page has expired or server error and other things like that.
Any advice?

BTW nice map.
Must be a good pack


ratings disabled. :(

Fastest AGD

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When you

like it yourself, then it's all good for me:)

Fair enough.

It's one of my favourites from the pack :)


the same for me, wheter it's in an episode or not.

pretty good,

i'm going to go play the pack now ;)


Demo Data

Its really fun

Demo Data


Yay mappack! I will play it after school today. :)
Demo Data

It's an episode.

Play it within the context of the map pack and it'll make more sense.

the gold

at the left is placed quite neat, but the lower section of the tileset feels very uninspired to me.
Like brainstone said, it's easy and short.
I think this map is average, not above and not below.

That's not why.

But thanks :)

there´s not much to say about this map.
It´s easy.
it would be good for speed demos, I guess.
but I don´t really want to make speed demo for this map...
I think, that´s why you have ratings disabled