WayOfTheNinja 1.1: Forest

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Author Blu_Otaku
Tags action author:blu_otaku playable rated
Created 2005-09-18
by 7 people.
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Description Story: You are a ninja, a ninja that follows N: The way of the ninja. As word spreads of your greatness of completing said \"episodes\", lots of people are now trying to hire you to do their dirty work. In this case, a rival kingdom is hiring you to steal lots of gold from a surrounding country.

1.1: Forest Ambush.

As you are crossing into the country boundaries, you get targeted by many guards, such as the new and deadly \"Smart bots\" and simple gun and missle turrets.

MAIN: Get to the end of the forest, without being shot, zapped, or blown to smitherieens.
OPT: Get as much gold as you can!

Post your comments, and demos here!
1.2: Guard wall will be coming soon.

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Almost All-Gold

Lots of comments, no demo. Tsk tsk. I don't get the gold near the beginning, which I simply cannot reach, or the two gold pieces at the very end, 'cause I'm busy running from the rocket. This is slow because I forgot the exit switch :P
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Yes, but nobody ever reads the story. The majority of the people I have met wrongly think that N is the ninja's name.

I don't know about this map. Maniak, it's in the story, in the main menu.

The tileset was good. But those one ways in the air kinda strayed from the theme of the level. You could've used tiles instead or come up with another way to get up, maybe a thwump. I do understand why you used one ways, though. There was really no other way. Clever usage of drones, I haven't seen anyone around this time to use normal doors to herd drones, although it has been done before. It's just been forgotten I guess. The pile of mines on the bottom wasn't exactly the purdiest thing. Get rid of those mines, make some kinda thing stick out the ground (tiles), and place mines on that. Don't cluster mines right next to each other, either. Come up with different ways instead of mines. Gold was a little sparse. And the enemies seemed a bit random, at the bottom the most.

What I'm saying is that it's good but it has room for improvement. 3.75/5, not sure what to actually rate.


I love this map. Quite easy, but extremely fun. 4.5/5


Somebody who actually knows that N is the philosophy that the ninja follows, not the name of the ninja itself! :D