Part 5:Landscaping

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe conceptual medium playable race rated rrs
Created 2008-09-17
Last Modified 2008-09-17
by 26 people.
Map Data

Description The tileset is below par compared to my previous ones, but this has some good-ish flow. At the left you should go really fast. I mean fast. That's pretty much it.

Fastest AGD before I post the next in the series gets a DED.

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Like I usually say

This kind of stuff isn't for everybody.

Meh, pretty average

The thwumps are more of a gimick that anything else. This is more akin to a DDA than a race, it's too condescending. Still, it does have some nice flow and speed to it.

2.5/5 ^


How good this is doing, I guess I'll have to expand on the concept a little bit more. It's going to be hard to top this though. =)

Ingenius thwumps

rest was pretty average

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but this is really pretty damn good. the thwump section is great, as is the chain gun bit, and jumping up to meet the rocket at the one way. good work :D 4, faved.

maybe not.

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I'll try tomorrow.

thwumps are the best innovation ever. 5aved.

It's a tie then.

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Gonna be going for the sub 790 now :)


Sorry. Beat some demo's on some of my other maps. I'm goin to bed anyways. XD

For people that RCE after this, try to beat me demo. Although playing the suggested way is influenced as well.


3 tries. :P
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Beat Riobe :)
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Fastest as of yet.

Excluding Riobe's demo =/
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I tied with Meta_Ing.
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I love this. Amazing. 5aved for sure.

As for my AGD, so close :(
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I think it's cool.

It's a bit short, though.

amazing race

5/5 and faved


Too hard for me


cool...but not the best thing under the sun imo.


I'll have my demo on NReality after i figure how to finish it.


in most evcery way


how it was meant to be played. Intense.
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But I didn't find it as amazing as these guys did.


I think sub 790 is possible.
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For old times sake

I decided to tie with magirocker. :P

this works too

requires some control at the end though.

and not as fast
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copied your strat D:
and got faster D=
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Thanks Riobe

It was the first thing I thought of when I realized I could do it. :P


The same thing happened to me a few times, magirocker.


You're such a highscorer. =)

I can't edit it now, but that was a slick innovation Meta_Ing.

this is cool

short and cool :)
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A strategy

Is the faster you jump off of the one ways, the easier it gets. Trust me.

Wow Riobe

I agree with all the comments. This really is quite in-genius design you have, and to be able to use the thwumps twice is superb. 5


You only need to do it once. You can skip it the first time. ...And you still get all the gold :)

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Thanks guys. <3


got it!

...slower than your demo though Q_Q
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