WayOfTheNinja 1.2: Guardian Tower

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Author Blu_Otaku
Tags action author:blu_otaku playable rated
Created 2005-09-18
by 5 people.
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Description Story: You are a ninja, a ninja that follows N: The way of the ninja. As word spreads of your greatness of completing said \"episodes\", lots of people are now trying to hire you to do their dirty work. In this case, a rival kingdom is hiring you to steal lots of gold from a surrounding country.

1.2: Guardian Tower
Having made it out of the nearly deadly forest, you are presented with a challange.
The guard tower of the country is one of the strongest money can buy. Not only is there guass rifles, you also face traps , gunners, and lasers.

MAIN: Activate a chain of switches, ending up to open the gate, and lower the bridge to the castle.
OPT: Climb back from whence you came (The makeshift rope ladder) and activate a hidden switch that disables some of the defenses. Very good idea.

As always, post your comments and your demos!
1.3: Castle Longheim (Yes, it has a name :P) is coming soon!

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cool map


All-Gold Completion

No defense disabling, that's for pussies ;)
Demo Data

Hmm... I liked the tileset and the originality.


what did you like about it?

I liked 1.1's style a bit more.

A few notes:

At the switch that says stop, stop on the switch.

If its easy, dont worry. This is only the first level set (planning on 10 maybe?)

The next level set will be hard! X.X