Roll High Little One

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Author lord_day
Tags author:lord_day column cotinued dedication featured jerrod race rated
Created 2008-09-18
Last Modified 2008-09-24
by 38 people.
Map Data

Description This is not only a map from my newly released map pack, the continued column, but it is also a dedication to Jerrod who playtested it for me.

The pack can be found here:
The Continued Column []

This map was featured on 2009-01-01

Roll High Little One isn't just a great map, it's also how I like my ice-cream.

It's perfect, with all the essentials of tasty ice-cream. We have the great flavor that tastes oh so good, and the sprinkles, that not only adds taste, but it makes the ice-cream look incredible. Lastly, we have our delicious chocolate syrup, that provides a different taste, and when blended with ice-cream, can become one of the greatest ice-cream eating experiences of your life.

Who knows, eating such great ice-cream may just enhance your start of the New Year, because it sure has for me. — Riobe

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Memories. :)


2 seconds faster :P
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Don't thank me

thank LV and the forum admins, they're the ones who sorted everything so quickly.
thanks atob

Thanks spudz.

Faster Speedrun.
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The review could have worked it you said,"the sprinkles, like the mines, do this and the chocolate syrup, like the mines, is bla." Would have really enjoyed it then.


Is anyone else having trouble with the forums?

Heh, Skyline

ice-cream =/= lord_day's maps


I could have sworn I did this before...also because it says I have already rated this map...
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unless they're short or cause controversy.

Il leave it with

15 frames shaved off my next closest and 46 of the next closest speedrun
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another 6 off

beat that
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shaved 8 frames

still possible to go faster
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this speedrun, route is copyright :)
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Hooray for creativity.
Why, just look, he talks abou . . . er, no, but he— no, no. Come on, he's got to somew . . . somewhere. . . . Okay, goddammit, what the hell?

The map's good, though.


I don't think you said one thing about the map in that whole review.
if i were you, though, i would have replaced the word 'ice-cream' with a synonym like

'...and when blended with our frozen dairy treat...'


'...and when blended with this icy delicacy' because that

way you wouldnt be using the same word so many times.

great :D

im gonna go eat some ice cream now :D HAPPY NEW YEARS people

Next time,

read the news on the NUMA frontpage before asking.

love the map 5/5

sorry, but i have nowhere else to post this. whenever i open the forums, it comes up with a page that says 'this account has been suspended. i dont know if i did something (if i did i dont know what it is) or what. is the forum down?
please help!


Love the tiles. 5


fastest on Nreality
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agd first try

except not recorded ;_;

fun, bouncey, simple

So Playable

This map has such a breezy atmosphere. Going fast seems almost irrelevant, it's all about jumping around, exploring all the possibilites of the flow. 5
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Oh thank GOD

With the forums suspended I'll have an excuse not to procrastinate :P


I've never played this as a race, it had always been just a really fun action map to me. Again, love you for dedicating this to me. XOXO

about the forums:

the forum was set up for 2008, not 2009. I'm sure sometime tomorrow Dave'll get around to renewing the hosting.
When i try to get in it comes up with this :
"This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the support department as soon as possible, and please have your site name ready."

Love that ice cream

Love that review
Love this map

I can never find

a decent flow at the start with this, always seem to end face to face with the business end of a rocket ;_;
It's New Years Day in NUMA time, as 2009 started almost three hours ago.

such a good choice.

4, as before. not the fastest agd.
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it's not very well constructed in my opinion. i don't see what's so great or special about it. i don't get very much satisfaction or fun from playing it. i like the review; it's a nice break from the norm.
for 15 hours and 53 minutes, you must just be in a different time zone, i personally dont like this map as much as others a low 4 from me

Since when...

does ice cream have a hyphen in it? Stop addin' your own frikin' punctuation guys.

todayis not 2009

robie.its new years eve.