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Author remote
Tags action author:remote first-map-in-ages levelpack puzzle rated strategy
Created 2008-09-18
Last Modified 2008-09-18
by 13 people.
Map Data

Description OK, this is the first map i've made in a very long time.
Especially submitted to NUMA.
Before i stopped making maps, all my energy was going into a level pack which i ggot very close to completing before the summer started.
I havbe now revived that Level Pack. The pack will be entitled Clear Blue (working title).

Feedback much??


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can't beat it...

Great map.


Nice map

The tiles are good an everything is super subtle. I like, altho agd looks like it could require more jumps than needed. 4.
of how to turn a generic concept into a brilliant map. the gold and mine placement here is instant fun. 4.25/5

the trickiness combined with simplicity is a sure winner


sorry I just don't like risking it all right at the end :P
Demo Data

Top map.

Seriously. Hard but fun and really well made.

kami likes

Have a hug (and a rating)