The Forgotten Jungle

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Author Nan__d_Chaser
Tags action author:nan__d_chaser rated
Created 2008-09-18
Last Modified 2008-09-18
by 10 people.
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Description The pyramid stands lonely, in the sun, gazing into the forgotten wilderness, the Forgotten Jungle.


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with yungerkid 4


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I played this a few times because I was undecided on how I felt about it. I loved how challenging it was in the beginning because the angles of the tiles prevented me from getting fast momentum. After I rounded that corner though, It was nothing to beat the rest of the level, and that kind of disapointed me. I did like though the floorguard right under the exit key.

I give the tiles a 4 and the gameplay a 3, so 3.5 rounded up.

the tileset

really caught my eye. Ill have to remember to play it tomorrow


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bottom line is this: despite the fact that large maps are not your thing, I say you try it out. Hey, missile maps are not my thing (obviously), but it didn't turn out that bad.


And i don't know what to say if this one is corrupted. My opinion stays the same.
Demo Data


the tileset :)


Demo Data
In fact, I found it rather easy. Heres a demo to prove it. And I still think this would be much more fun as a bigger map.
I wish you would have filled the map up a little more, so i give it a 3. If there is something I missed, please notify me instead of calling me a moron.

highly entertaining

well placed floor chasers