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Author blackson
Tags action author:blackson rated
Created 2008-09-21
Last Modified 2008-09-21
by 22 people.
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Description I may regret posting this, you highscorers are going to tear it apart.

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I'm a sucker for simplicity.
"We sing the corpse song kids, because we’ve got no future.
We made it into hell, and pretend that we’re in heaven.
We write our prayers on a little mine; kiss it in the face and send it goodbye.
We sing the corpse song kids, because you’re dead before you come alive..."

Review that never fell through.

you're lucky

I misses this jump.
Demo Data
Demo Data
if I could get that bottom jump
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Feel free to call me an ass.BLARGLEBARGLEBLARGLE


I'll be sure to give them to 7 hours. I have school. =P

But as soon as I get home, this is what I'll do.

i would have

disabled ratings





Beat my previous AGD by four frames.
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You are probably the best speed runner here, Xaelar is the best overall person. I really suck at this map, still the slowest on NReality.

4 hours*

Now it's 66 >.>


Clicked submit twice...


If only this was an AGD...
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If only this was an AGD...
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Very nice map, without any doubts.
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I know

Go for 550 xaelar!


This is xaelar we're talking about.

Still, I'm surprised he managed sub-600 going through the bottom first.


you liked my map.

Trying to sub-600, and xaelar does it in a matter of minutes?

Good job you two. I'm done.


Demo Data


I'm surprised xaeler took that route. I thought he would do the top first.


I knew it. ;;_;;


I have no idea how I did this. =P

But I'm so proud of this run.
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I managed 611.
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I'll try

I can't seem to remember how to get over that mine anymore though...


That's it. Nao do it.


and If my route is done correctly, you can pass the middle of the bottom section with 350 frames. Sub-560 is totally possible.
I pulled this off once before, but I missed one piece of gold when I did.

@ G_H_M

xaelar is not only the fastest speedrunner, but the best highscorer rivaled by probably only lookatthis.

@ Meta_Ing: It involves a faster cornerjump that allows you to skip another one.

Now I'm curious



that's just sick
That I'm too lazy to do.

I can haz xaelar?

NReality helps

It has a frame counter at the top left corner.
how can you ttell how many?!?

By the way...

This is the method I'm referring to for the top:

Pull this off and you should get to that mine in about 157 frames.


If you corner jumped at the end of that run, that would have given you enough speed to break 600.