Mrs. Hepburn

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Author ironstorm
Tags author:ironstorm hepburn ironstorm n-art rated
Created 2008-09-23
Last Modified 2008-09-23
by 13 people.
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Description Tileset N-art, Enjoy :)

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I don't like when it's jagged, especially when it a tileset of a person.


Hes not lieing

I spent ages finding out


Stop lying.

Definitely generated.

This is pretty good

considering it was made out of just tiles...
As far as N-art tilesets go this is one of the best I've seen.
It's not particularly useable, but rating it down cause of that would be rating the Mona Lisa down cause yuo can't use it as a skateboard

based purely upon the map as an N-art 5/5

For Kaylab

Start up N, when you're on the main menu, Press ` or commonly known as 'Grave' and it should come up with the debug menu. You should have a small menu of commands there. Press H for a tiled level or J for a plain level. Then press E. Then use Num Pad keys 0 and . for objects and tiles. Hope that helps :)


how do i make my own map

dont have manual.


Yeah you're quite right i guess, although i tried it smoothed out, didn't quite look as good as the final from my perspective. Anyway, i'm working on some more N-art tilesets at the moment. Thanks for the rating :)


I just feel that 'choppy' doesn't suit Mrs. Audrey well... ^^
Consider it rated by me!

I knew i was going to get some criticism on the matter of an 'Autogeneration'. But infact Sidke, i put in the 8 tiles to give some crude edges and a 'Choppy' texture indeed. I've been doing N-art for quite a while, during the metanet forum days. Not once have i ever used the NAM (N-art Maker)- I assure you.


Tell me if I'm wrong, but the generous use of '8' tiles and choppy placement makes me think that this was, in fact, autogenerated.
Being an avid fan of Audrey, I would give this a 5... but unless my suspicions are debunked: NR


Yeah sure man, but please add creds in the tileset to Ironstorm if thats possible :) Thanks again.


This is great.
5/5 faved
Could i please use the tileset?