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Author _destiny^-
Tags action author:_destiny^- destiny featured hard outbound playable rated
Created 2008-09-23
Last Modified 2008-09-23
by 44 people.
Map Data

Description The hardest map from my levelpack OutBound []. Consider this a challenge.

AGD included

This map was featured on 2008-10-01

This map is a georgeous blend of aesthetics and amazing measurement. _destiny^- [] is known for his races, but sometimes he manages to pull off an outstanding action map, like this one.

With his cleverly placed tiles, bad-ass gauss and sneaky mines, _destiny^- has managed to create a masterpiece.

Play the map, it is maps like this that keep NUMA from good maps, and keeps it in the outstanding maps.

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Hey destiny,

I am making a mappack right now, do you think you could donate a tileset for the cause? :)


I updated A New Beginning [] so please check it out.

good simple map

the kind of thing I like to play, except for the trapdoors. The only problem I can see is the horrible review. I don't understand how you can have "an exceptional grasp of the written word" and yet cannot put together a 4 sentence review without stumbling mistakes. On a side note, I would definately not feature this map myself, but it still earns a good 4.


Good map, but not feature worthy.

seriously southpark012?

btw, those mines were very 'sneaky'

PALEMOON is right

southpark982, you have yet to make anything better. Saying it could have been made by a 7 year old was just a blatant attempt to insult the map.

I thought this was very clever, especially the way you used the trap doors.

Completion, and a slow one at that.
Demo Data


i cant seem to figure out why you would feature this map?

this map is very simple, its not very exiting clever. it is a very simple map that looks like a 7 year old could make it.


I don't get it

Why are people so stuck up with the quality of English in the review? Not everyone in NUMA comprehend extremely high quality English.

It's about the map, not the reviewer.
does somebody read these before they get posted?

I think

I keep doing that.



Ha! Goldenator. What an uproar one person has caused.

This is still a very good map. Re-faved. =P

Don't advertise.

It's annoying as hell.

Try This


agd is the best
But I don't think people have room to complain because the map is a recent map.

My bad guys

Goldenator was my responsibility. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at the start when I shouldn't have.

His status has been revoked.

To future applicants: if this is the standard of writing you'll be sending in there's no need to bother.


Ha! Even I know that it's wrong, and English is not my mother tongue...
Unless georgeous wasn't wrong, and you wanted to use urban language, which I strongly doubt
the map is good, yes.
It is also very recent, many people have seen it already.

and the review. ugh. really. just. it's complete crap. misspelt words, 'sneaky' mines, 'bad ass' gauss and 'cleverly placed' tiles ?!
DO NOT review somethings straight away if it's recent, it's nice to remind people of a map from a month ago (at least) or whatever.

and.. really. do not review a map because you haven't in a while or whatever. just.. think more. and search. i do not think you should have the role of the review, the map was not bad, not amazing. the review was horrible. and the map is so recent.

looking through your reviews, the only map i found to be 'worthy' (sorry about bringing this thing up. but i couldn't think of how to say it.) was

and the review on that was pretty crappy as well. just. just. i dunno. i really don't think you are putting any effort or thought into these.
Demo Data
i rest my case. sorta.
this was a good, simple, fun map sure, but i dont think its special whatsoever. dont get me wrong, i have a lot of respect for destiny, i just think if you're gonna feature a map it should be something completely unique. NR

AGD faster

haha found an innovative way
Demo Data

godenAtor = phail..

lots of phail.. love the map :]
I'm a bit curious about that.

i think....

it was smart how it came together
a lot of people ignored the hot maps page and only browsed the bitesized maps, which is not good for the community, especially new authors.
now it's gone, i kinda miss it :/

Goden Ator

You've done it again! This map was submitted less than a week ago. It has more ratings and comments than the average map submitted these days, why is it in such urgent need of being featured.

Not to mention the fact that it's in a recently released mappack by a well known and well liked author.

I really do despair. Featured maps is not bitesize with a new name.

this map is ok

not especially great though

i think so

but not by a lot


Hardest in the pack? :?


Dvip's statement is pretty damn valid in my book. Good justification.


Slow, though. :p
Demo Data

I've decided

to fave this so I can beat it later.. and userleveled :)
Nice one, mate.
God. This is why I'm not sure removing the point ratings is a good idea, because people make silly decisions like, ooh, it could've been a 4.5, so I guess I'll just ROUND UP. Silly, silly, silly. It IS a fabulous map, of course. Cheers.
First try AGD demo (on NReality too) =D

Great map though. Faviefavefaved.
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none taken - like i said before -