Journey Into the mouth of a BIG FISH

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Author Erik-Player
Tags abstractishfish actionfish author:erik-player bigfish ep-fave flyingfish rated
Created 2008-09-25
Last Modified 2009-02-25
by 18 people.
Map Data

Description Fastest AGD by 9/26/08 gets a ded on my next map!
I really liked how this turned out. It's weird but whenever I look at this level it reminds me of PALEMOON. Please, if you post a comment say your dislikes and likes about this level.
*Revives fishfad*

Rate,...Comment,......And ENJOY!

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i guess i did, but it doesnt change the awesomeness :)

Nice indeed

Very good tileset, and good gameplay.


aesthetics are nice. It feels very good, and the rocket was a good combination with the gameplay.

Very good tileset

Heart it!


Congragulations! You got a DED!

Very fun

and a good tileset too.


nice map. the rockets were very nasty placed, but that made me plan my route.
Demo Data

Sorry bout that :/

It's fun to play in userlevels IMO.

Its alrite

Its not exceptional but I like the gameplay in most parts. My only real comlaintis that the gold pattern makes it hard to get a good agd flow going. 3.5 up

I meant I love it.

Your: Likes? Dislikes?


Just way better ^_^
Tiles. gameplay. Love.

Feels familiar

Is this a resub?