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Author Conen__TG_
Tags action author:conen__tg_ conen guass rated totem
Created 2008-09-25
Last Modified 2008-09-25
by 7 people.
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Description not many enemies in this map, however, the ones that are there are tricky to get around.

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Quite the map

It's a bit tense in parts, but it was good overall.

Faster AGD

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dissapointing, I'm afraid...
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No offence taken.

it isn't some of my best work.

Okay, I cave

I sorta misinterpreted this map. The simplistic style is good, and even if the rocket has been used like this a million times before, its still good. And the mines are used well too, almost like oneways in creating flow. Its now a high 3 :P


it's alright, but it's not your best. 4/5


Very simplistic. I liked the use of the 3 main enemies. Like the style. Here's and AGD.
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This is great, fun and addictive!
I'm working on a completion
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Is it just me or have you handed out 5s to the last 10 maps? :P I mean, this is good for what it is, but imo this wasnt even intended to be a five, no offense to Conen.
first i wished some more objects, but then i realized that this would destroy the difficult fun in this map.

agd, 5
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Not really

Theyre pretty easy to get around actually, which makes this map fairly average. Some nice jumps, but the fact that its basically two gauss at other ends of a corridor with a rocket in the middle has kinda been cliched for ages. Although the gameplay is good, i cant say its original. 3.