Mocking Bird

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Author Supah-N
Tags action agd author:supah-n playable race unrated
Created 2008-09-25
Last Modified 2008-09-25
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Description i find it fun
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needs improvement.

the flow doesn't work perfectly, and it should be longer. tileset doesn't look too good either. but keep working at it!

this is bad,


but cheating is gay


the doors are not needed, check it!
Demo Data

i know

i am pretty proud of it and play it often and i want people to check out more of my maps


But seriously, it's not polite to advertise your maps.


from your first sentence i thought i would get negative comment about my map
thx a lot
races are my favorite maps to make
And don't you ever call that persons map sweet. You and I both know it's bad. And quit using caps. And KEEP MAKING THESE AWESOME RACES. These are really good and have a great flow. The laser makes it definitely one of the harder races. The only problem is that the missile would fire the second I passed through it, so I would always explode. 4/5


wow that's good.

yeah good use of rockets and the lazer. it was quite fun even tho im not good enuf to beat it which is unusual good work bro. :) give you a 4 and a half but i can't so ill just have to give you a 5 lol.