Part 8:Experience

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Author Riobe
Tags author:riobe fun medium playable race rated rrs
Created 2008-09-26
Last Modified 2008-09-26
by 15 people.
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Description Bleck. More unique stuff is on the way.

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You're doing it wrong (again)
How unfortunate. I keep going off on a tangent... or a perpendicular
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I'm doi'n a map. Doi'n a map. Doing a- wait a minute... You're doing it wrong!
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Tasty Fours.


It took a while to get it at least decent. =)
which is quite odd, normally it is the worst due to lack of space to innovate :/

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I'll get back on it with you. =)


speaking of which, riobe, you gonna do anything about that collab idea i sent you? i'll develop it myself if you don't want to. i just want to know if you will or not, so that my work won't go to waste.


take a four 4 cuz it played well.


This is pretty good, but it is already done enough. Dunno about the sniper tho, 4.


Surprised this got sniped. =)

The next concept is all about bounceblocks, and what they can do in races.


frames as another demo I made on another map.

fbf'd. didn't like the gauss.
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the bounceblock was

genius, but the rocket was not.
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i hear what your saying and that's why guns 'n' roses is one of my best maps if not my best so ill make a them next time
then whats a filler map?

man this site is confuzing lol i fixed the map a little bit looks a bit better now. :)

k bro will do

thnx for advice btw i like your filler maps. is there a term for a filler map?


i like generic races. 4/5, as always. looking forward to the innovations. :/