But I can almost put it back together

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Author wumbla
Tags action author:wumbla handlebars rated thwump
Created 2008-09-27
Last Modified 2008-09-27
by 6 people.
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Description part of my "handlebars" series, click the tag to see the rest.

a thwump map, i worked hard on this, especially the tiles.
Tell me what you think.

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Simply amazing


Holy crap

i just made a lvl like this sry and i seriously didnt know about this lvl my apolagies to u


i win ty.


nvm just a completion


I win!
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perfect for all gold demos
id fav but its not working for somereason 5
Demo Data

Heh heh heh

This is genius, loved it. Great concept, altho I can certainly see other implementations. A high 4.