Holmium Erbium Lutetium

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Author yungerkid
Tags action author:yungerkid erbium fun holmium playable rated
Created 2008-09-27
Last Modified 2008-09-27
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description fun to play around in.

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the gold...
That brought my 5 to a 4


But I think there was to many gold. 3

i live

in Seattle, by the way.


is hard but possible
3.5= 4

Fun fun

Wish the gold was more consistent though.


Play in a sec

Since you were wondering...

News []

Its cool

But not the kind of level Id like to agd. Some nice sections tho, tbh i dont think you intended for this map to be whole. 4.
with the top left difficulty curve. i agree.

actually, i just took a look at my father's credit card. it had a v on it (for visa) and i thought it would be fun to play around in a map, so i made this. i added an a...just...because...i wanted to, and i thought it would make for fun gameplay.

also, thanks to hoohah2x2sday for the upper right concept :)

Top left was

extremely difficult compared to the rest. Too much gold, great gameplay. No need to go to top left to the difficulty in a non-mandatory area is appropriate. 4. Btw, do you live in Virginia? (VA)
on gameplay for this map. i agree, there's too much gold.

way too much gold

and the aesthetics were definitely not great. still very fun nonetheless. 4/5

i like long levels.

i also like long


way too much gold, but it is fun to play around on
the aesthetics are something to be ignored.

if you'll bear with me for a moment, we will now look at yearly rainfall of the Amazon Basin...